Sunday, December 18, 2005

A List, By Birthdates and Positions Of 45 Laid Off At L.A. Times

Like other classic purgers, the Tribune Co. has stuck to the law and actually issued a list of the unfortunate victims it laid off in the latest purge at the L.A. Times. There aren't names, but they are listed by birthdates and positions, and many will be able to figure out who they are.

Also, some staffers were invited (read, forced) to take the buyout. So this is not a comprehensive list, but it may serve some purpose if I give it here, which I'm doing below.

Friends have mentioned to me the caees of the loyal secretary and the helpful computer technician who were laid off, bludgeoned, left to fend for themselves as they approached retirement age, treated miserably by this unfeeling collection of corporate asses. I called one or two of them to seek permission to use their names, but have not heard back, so in the interests of decency, I'm not going to do so. But I think many will know who they are.

Our sympathies should go out to all those caught up in the holiday massacre, the latest proof of how a once-humane institution has gone to hell.

In any case, here's the list of those "selected for involuntary termination as a result of the reduction in force cost savings initiative," as the corporate bureaucrats call it:

Job Title Birthdate
Spcist, Adv Rptg & Analysis 08/25/41
Secretary II 08/17/53
Dir, Advertising Marketing 07/28/63
Dir, Operations Single Copy 11/14/69
Asst., Staff II 07/19/65
Secretary II 09/26/61
Dir, Adv Sys Ping & Intgrtn 06/01/47
Anist, Date Base Assoc 01/21/62
Coord, Magazine Lead 05/10/66
Writer, Editorial 02/21/37
Cartoonist, Editorial 05/11/61
Writer, Editorial 12/23/41
Designer, Artist II 03/12/65
Engineer, Systems 10/23/58
Operator, Computer III 11/05/53

Admin, Database Sr 12/31/58
Anist, Applications Syst Assoc 11/20/57
Admin, Information Technology 07/03/61
Rep, Customer Service Sr 09/28/45
Lead, Business Systems 02/13/46
Anist, Business Systems Sr 04/04/54
Anist, Applications Syst Assoc 12/18/52
Techn, Desktop/Ntwk Supp II 01/17/71
Techn, Desktop/Ntwk Supp II 05/24/50
Techn, Desktop/Ntwk Supp II 07/25/49
Techn, Desktop/Ntwk Supp II 03/23/44
Techn, Desktop/Ntwk Supp II 12/01/41
Engineer, Network 05/12/52
Anist, Applications Syst Assoc 01/28/61
Supv, Advertising Operations 02/28/52

Secretary II 11/09/72
Mgr, Multi Media 04/20/67
Mgr., Special Events Vendor 05/25/57
Clerk, Admin Sevcs I 07/05/58
Clerk, Admin Servs II 11/15/65
Dir, Operations - Recycler 10/08/63
Sales Rep. Restaurant 12/02/62
Account Exec, Circ Retail 03/16/68
lead, Call Center Sales Rep 01/07/80
Rep, Times In Educ 01/13/53
Rep, Times In Educ 04/28/80
Rep, Verification 08/24/64
Rep, Verification 02/23/68
Rep, Verification 12/19/80
Rep. Verification 05/26/64


Anonymous Edward D. Padgett said...

Hello Ken,

The Operations Departments at the LA Times also have the birthday list. Several of us have put together a list of workers by name that are leaving on a voluntary or non-volutary basis, which we have labeled The Christmas Purge of 2005.

I have spoke with several employees that have been escorted from the Times properties, completely by suprise.

One day they will come for me, and walk me to the exit.

Merry Christmas Tribune Employees,

12/18/2005 4:45 PM  

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