Monday, December 05, 2005

Internet Being Used By Terrorists To Spread Fear And Get Their Messages Out

As suicide bombings, kidnappings and executions spread to new countries, such as Bangladesh, which was struck by suicide bombers for the first time in recent days, the vile perpetrators of these acts are increasingly using the Internet to advance their cause.

The partly-Israeli organization, the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) today, Dec. 5, cites examples of the use of Yahoo by the terrorists to spread fear and images of barbaric acts. Yahoo has shut down some of these sites, but it is clear not enough has been done to safeguard civilization from them.

As U.S. Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes once wrote, "Freedom of speech does not give anyone the right to yell 'fire' in a crowded theatre." Neither Yahoo nor any Western institution need feel any compunction about taking any steps necessary to silence terrorist groups which are determined to destroy our freedoms.

MEMRI, an invaluable organization in keeping track of developments in the War On Terror, cites 14 examples of the placing of videos on Yahoo that depict beheadings and other executions by the terrorists.

Among the sights which even children often are subjected to beholding, have been the beheadings of Daniel Pearl and Nick Berg, the slaughter of other innocent captives of the barbarians, and the object of these showings is clear: It is to scare the world, to attempt to keep governments from taking action as necessary to terminate the threats we now all confront.

Even people in disagreement with U.S. policies in Iraq and other places can easily fall victim to these aggressors, as we saw last week with the kidnappings in Iraq of four peace activists, who have now been threatened with execution as "spies."

My own feeling is that these activists felt somehow it was worth temporizing with evildoers in the vain hope they could induce them to become peacemakers. Now, it is very sad, but not surprising that they too may lose their lives at the hands of these groups.

Al Queda and its allies are willing to use any means, including obviously the Internet, to advance their bloody ends. It's necessary to fight back as we did against the Nazies and the Japanese in World War II.

Yahoo, no matter what the expense, should either erase such videos, or take away the instruments that permit them to be distributed.

In short, we have a duty to defend ourselves, and must do so vigorously in every particular. Freedom, as has been said, is not free, and we have to stand up for it in every way we can, or we will lose our freedom, not to mention our security.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

MEMRI is actually headquartered in Washington, D.C.

Most of them aren't Israeli.

12/08/2005 3:06 PM  

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