Thursday, August 18, 2005

Good Luck To Dean Baquet, New L.A. Times Editor

Written from Fort Simpson, Canadian Northwest Territories--

With 7,317 miles logged on my trip to Alaska and Canada so far, I feel sort of out of touch, even thought I've been reading L.A. Observed, receiving some e-mails from home and hearing some of what's going on.

Now that Dean Baquet has taken over as editor, my hopes are considerable for his success, both in L.A. and Chicago. We'll see about his selections for top assistants soon.

Baquet is personable, should get along better in Los Angeles than John Carroll did, and may even have more clout in Chicago, we'll see.

I missed the services for Erwin Baker and David Shaw and would have liked to have been at both. The two men's careers demonstrate the tremendous diversity of talent at the Times.

There is a free ferry necessary to get across the Laird River to reach Fort Simpson, a trading post dating from 1804. So when Lewis and Clark were making their way across the Great Plains, the Canadians were already settling their own Far West.

A fellow guest at my bed and breakfast from the Province of Ontario objected to me watching American TV News this morning, saying he only watches Canadian News. I told him that is a good way to avoid knowing what's going on.

Canadian Broadcasting is having a strike this week, so there is even less news than normal.

On to Yellowknife tomorrow. With mostly dirt roads in the Province and hundreds of miles of them, my car is caked with several layers of dirt and dust, but I've been having a good time.


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