Sunday, May 01, 2005

John Carroll Should Be Held Responsible For Not Calling Terrorists Terrorists In The L.A. Times

When Islamic fundamentalists launch attacks against tourists in Cairo, as happened twice yesterday, April 30, they are terrorists, not "militants" as the Los Angeles Times called them this morning.

It is the editor of the Times, John Carroll, who is responsible for continuing this loathsome policy of refusing to name these enemies of the civilized world for what they are.

Yet in the Page 3 story by correspondent Megan K. Stack in the Times this morning, the only time the term "terrorist" is used is in the last paragraph when the head of Cairo's center for Sunni Islamic studies, is quoted as saying, "Islam rejects any kind of terrorist act, or sabotage."

Unfortunately, that is untrue. Important elements of Islam are responsible for much of the terrorism that threatens the world. There are Muslims who object to the terrorism, but they have been unable to make their objections prevail.

At least, however, the sheik who is quoted uses the word the L.A. Times, in all its cowardice, will not use.

The facts are clear. In Egypt, innocent tourists have been targeted repeatedly. Two Israelis, a Swiss citizen and an Italian, were wounded yesterday. Less than a month ago, two French citizens and an American were killed. There have been other terrible attacks in past years, one causing more than 60 tourist deaths.

These are not attacks against military units or even Israeli settlers. They are against civilians who have no conceivable culpability for anything that happens in the Middle East.

The inability of the Egyptian government to stop such attacks means that all tourism to Egypt should cease. This country is too dangerous for innocent visitors at this time.

But it is just as important that the American press, and in this case, specifically the Los Angeles Times, stop coddling the terrorists by refusing to identify them as such.

Patience with this policy should also cease. It is the duty of readers of the newspaper to make their opinions known to Mr. Carroll's office until he changes his mind.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

John Carroll should be held responsible; he has been told this enough by many people, yet he persists.

He does not call them militants when they blow themselves up in Iraq or other places, does he?

Is John Carroll anti-Semetic?

While you are at it Ken, remember that there are 15 days until the Mayoralty election. The Times has now endorsed for the only Councilmatic race, but has yet to endorse for Mayor. This, despite an endorsement in the primary election for one of the candidates.

They have an editorial opinion about San Diego, however. Does Kinsley think The Times is the leading NEWSpaper of San Diego?

Maybe if he left Seattle and visited us occasionally, Kinsley could actually feel the beat of this city.

Or, maybe, just maybe, John Carroll should act like an Editor and fire the guy.

Aah, that might be asking too much.
Let's stick with outing Carroll's anti-Semetism.

5/02/2005 4:25 AM  
Anonymous Matt Peterson said...

Just so you know, we link to this post here.

We've linked to you in the past concerning Eric Slater as well.

I enjoy reading this blog. Keep it up!

5/03/2005 2:47 PM  

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