Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Kinsley Chickens Out Again, Still Holds Off On Villaraigosa Endorsement

Astonishing as it is, Michael Kinsley continues to hold off on following through on his Villaraigosa endorsement for mayor in the primary. Everytime you think this ersatz liberal can't do more to prove his inadequacy, he shows once again he is totally not up to the job.

I still expect the L.A. Times to endorse Villaraigosa before the May 17 runoff, but for this endorsement to take so long is contrary to the interests of the newspaper. It's may be part of the price we pay for greasy Eastern ownership.

The polls by both us and ABC unveiled in the last couple of days show this election is not going to be close. Los Angeles is, thank goodness, going to have a more dynamic mayor.

And the same polls indicate widespread dissatisfaction among the populace with the progress L.A. has been making on such matters as traffic, crime and economic growth.

Under these circumstances, the Times should have acted weeks ago to show where its hearts and minds are. It has said the obvious, that Mayor James Hahn is inept. It has thoroughly reported that the black community, a key to the election, is falling behind Villaraigosa.

So why does Kinsley hold back on the endorsement? Maybe, he hasn't ventured south from Seattle in recent weeks and doesn't know what's going on here. But that is unlikely. His contract calls for him to come to Los Angeles half the time and I imagine he is..

So, here's a man with no political sense. He doesn't realize in politics that once you've given your word, as he did in the primary, you're expected by all to stick with it.

In the editorial this morning, the Times accurately describes Hahn's latest "pandering" on the King/Drew Medical Center to be "desperate and shameful." But then it goes on to accuse Villaraigosa of doing his share of pandering.

What nonsense. It reminds me of the last months of Jimmy Carter's presidency, when he could not decide which side of bed to get out of every morning and did nothing about the nation's inflation rate and other problems.

Kinsley isn't deciding (yet), and he's making the Times look more inadequate every day.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Moral Equivalency" is the hallmark of this Los Angeles Times.

What ever happened to good old honest reporting?

Because Mayor Yawn panders, does Antonio need to be painted with the same brush?

"Fair" doesn't equate to equal.

Why do you keep expecting the Times to do the right thing, Ken?

They haven't in a very, very long time.

4/13/2005 3:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You wrote this on April 13, Ken, and while it is only April 18, I am beginning to think that Michael Kinsley doesn't read your blog!

After all, any "journalist" (I use the term loosely when applied to Kinsley) would want to read everything that is written about him or her, just to be up on the story at hand.

I guess he's too busy getting on TV or something really important, and certainly the question of the Mayoralty of the second largest city in America is trivial to whatever else is going on in his own state and in Washington.

After all, there has to be a reason why a once proud newspaper, widely respected and acknowledged to be the leader in the city is now dropping circulation almost as fast as the Mayor is dropping in the polls.

Depending on which poll you read, Hahn trails by Villaraigosa 18 to 32 points; the Times is not too far behind.

Michale Kinsley is just one of the problems, but everyone now knows he's either ADD or just chicken to re-endorse.

Gawd, who ever dreamed up having an Editor of the Editorial Pages who lives over a thousand miles away from the city in which he is supposed to work?

Stop by LA, Michael, file the endorsement and get on with it.

4/18/2005 3:37 AM  
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