Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Rather, Brokaw Retire; Leroy Aarons Dies

Honor and good wishes to Dan Rather and Tom Brokaw on their retirements. Both network anchors accentuated the positive about this country and the journalistic profession.
There's a good deal of talk about Rather making a mistake this fall. What I prefer to remember was his hard-driving good reporting over many years going back to the administrations of Nixon and Kennedy. Rather believed in this country, and he cried with joy when American troops entered Kuwait City in the first Gulf War. He was not afraid to show his emotions, which made him not only a better journalist, but a better human being. And I particularly remember that he spoke up for New York Times Executive Editor Howell Raines when Raines was railroaded out of that job by a weak publisher.
Tom Brokaw captured the respect and love of millions for extolling the heroes of America's "greatest generation" thosewho fought in World War II. Steady, incisive, and modest, all will remember fondly his great work.
Leroy Aarons, former editor of the Oakland Tribune, Washington Post West Coast correspondent , and a man who came out of the closet and led gay journalists to great advances within a too-often prejudiced profession, died on Sunday. He deserved the respect of us all. We'll miss him.



Blogger TC said...

Leroy Aarons was perhaps the most under-rated and under-appreciated journalist of our time. His reporting from California, the West Coast and west of the Mississippi for the WashPost in the 1960s and 1970s was a treasure of stories, especially his coverage of Latino affairs, the Chicano Movement and Cesar Chavez. In that period of time, when so few were reporting with any sense of context and/or accuracy on Chavez, Reies Lopez Tijerina in NewMex, Raza Unida in Texas and Corky Gonzales in Colorado, Aarons was writing what remains the best historical accounts of that phase of Mexican America and its contemporary history. And no one has come close to matching it sense then.

12/02/2004 4:43 PM  
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